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Black Velvet Band


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This fella went to Tralee to work on some job involving wood and such. There he met a really nice girl, or so he thought and so the story goes on...

Black Velvet Band

G                                                                                          D7
It was in the town of Tralee to the carpenters trade I was bound

G                   Em                 Am              D7              G              D7
And many an hours sweet happiness I had in that neat little town

G                                                                                                              D7 
Till a sad misfortune came over me, which caused me to leave from the land

G                           Em                 Am            D7                 G                 D7
Far away from me friends and relations because of that black velvet band.


G                                                                                                                          D7
And her eyes they shone like diamonds you could tell she was queen of the land

G                                           Em                   Am           D7                G
And her hair hung over her shoulders tied up with a black velvet band.


G                                                                                D7 
As I went walking one evening singing a verse of a song

G                  Em                        Am              D7              G             D7
I met with a handsome young damsel and she came a tripping along

G                                                                                                     D7
A gold watch she took from his pocket and placed it right into my hand

G                           Em              Am                    D7               G                 D7
From the very first time that I saw her I loved her and her black velvet band.


G                                                                                                          D7
Before the judge and the jury next morning the both of us had to appear

G                       Em                      Am                     D7                G                   D7
The gentleman swore it was his jewelry and the case against us was quite clear

G                                                                                                         D7
For seven long years transportation I was sent off to Van Dieman's land

G                           Em                  Am          D7                G                 D7
Far away from my friends and relations because of the black velvet band... 


G                                                                                                        D7 
So come all you jolly young fellows I'd have you take warning from me

G                     Em                        Am                  D7            G               D7 
Beware of the handsome young damsels you'll find in the streets of Tralee

G                                                                                         D7
They'll feed you whiskey and porter until your not able to stand

       G                           Em              Am                D7           G                     D7
And before you've had time to get sober you've landed in Van Dieman's land...