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This is a sad song about a person facing their own imminent death


C           Dm        G7               Am  C 
  I wish I had you   in Carrickfer - gus,
               F6          G7      C  
 Only for nights in Ballygrand
 C                   Dm  G7                      Am C
 I would swim over   the deepest  o  - cean,
                       F6      G7                     C    
 The deepest ocean    to be by your side

     C                                       G7              G 
      But the sea is wide and I can"t cross over
      C                                   G7         G
      And neither have I the wings to fly
      C                    Dm      G7             Am     C
      I wish I could find me   a handy boat - man
                         F     G7                       C
      To ferry me over   to my love and die

 C                  Dm   G7                              Am   C 
 My childhood days     bring back sad refle - ctions
                 F     G7               C
 Of happy days    so long ago,
 C                  Dm     G7                        Am C
 My boyhood friends     and my own rela - tions
                            F          G7                  C 
 Have all passed on now    like melting snow.
      C                                     G7          G  
      But I'll spend my days in endless roving,
                       C              G7      G 
      Soft is the grass, my bed is free.
      C              Dm          G7                Am  C
      Oh, to be home now    in Carrickfer - gus,
      C                   F                G7               C
      On that long road down to the salty sea.
 C            Dm   G7           Am    C
 But in Kilkenny    it is repor - ted,
                   F                G7                    C
 On marble stones there     as black as ink
 C                     Dm   G7                Am   C
 With gold and silver     I  did support  her
 C                      F     G7                  C 
 But I'll sing no more     'till I get a drink.

      C                                            G7        G
      For I'm drunk today, and I'm seldom sober,
      C                                   G7          G
      A handsome rover from town to town,
      C                Dm       G7                            Am    C  
      Ah, but I'm sick now   and my days are num - bered,
      C                        F               G7                  C      
      So come all you young men     and lay me down