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Clare To Here


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This song is a story about a guy who is working a bit too much and not living at home. That sort of situation really stinks if you have a nice family and loved ones who end up far away.

Clare To Here

G                                          D                             G                           D
Well there's four of us who share the room, we work hard for the brass
G                                  D              G                   D
And getting up late on Sunday, I never get to mass

Am                                                   G
It's a long long way from Clare to here
Am                                                   Em
It's a long long way from Clare to here
G                              D                 G                       D
Oh, it's a long long way, it gets further day by day
Am                                                   G
It's a long long way from Clare to here


          G                               D              G                           D
When Friday night comes around and Eddy's only in the fighting
      G                       D                             G                  D
My ma would like a letter home, but I'm too tired for writing


          G                           D                   G                  D 
Well it almost breaks my heart when I think of Josephine
   G                       D                          G                     D
I promised I'd be coming back with pockets full of green



              G                        D          G                    D        
And the only time I feel alright is when I'm into drinking
         G                   D                    G                    D
Oh it eases all the pain off it and levels out my thinking


   G                      D               G                  D                  
I dream I hear a piper play, maybe it's emotion
   G                           D                      G                     D
I dream I see white horses dance upon that other ocean