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Come All Ye Tramps and Hawkers


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A song that is half Gaelic and half English as was done in the older times. This fella is like a hobo sort of a guy and has a strange life filled with adventure, toerags and blisters on his feet but still has a good time. Strange business there.

Come All Ye Tramps And Hawkers

D                                         G                                           D
Oh come all ye tramps and hawkers lads ye gatherers oblaw
                                        G                                   D                     Bm
 That tramps the country round and round come listen one and all
     D                  G                 D                            Bm
 I'll tell to you a rovin' tale of sights that I have seen
                                     G                                         D
 It's far into the snowy north and south by Gretna Green

 Oftimes I've laughed unto mysel' when trudgin' on the road

 My toerags round my blistered feet, my face as broon 's a toad

 Wi' lumps o' cake and tatties scones, wi' whangs o' braxie ham

 Nae gi'en a thocht tae whaur I've been an' less tae whaur I'm gan

 I've done my share o' humpin' wi' the dockers on the Clyde

 I've helpit Buckie trawlers haul their herrin's over the side

 I've helped tae build yon michty bridge that spns the busy Forth

 Wi' mony an Angus farmer, I've ploo'ed the bonnie earth

 I'm happy in the summer time beneath the bright blue sky

 No thinkin' in the mornin' whaur at nicht I'm ga'e tae lie

 In barn or byre or anywhere, dossin' oot among the hay

 An' if the weather treats me right I'm happy I'm happy every day