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Red Haired Mary


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This is an Irish song sung by Tommy makem and others. Mary was the kind of girl that needed to be taken for who she was. She was a tough sort but he loved her and had to keep her in his sights...

Red Haired Mary

      G                                       D7      G                          C   
  As I was going to the fair in Dingle one fine morning last July,
  G                            D7               G                            D7         G  
 On the road I saw before me a red-haired maiden passing by.

             G                         D7                               G                  C
 "Come ride with me, my red-haired maiden. my donkey can carry two

        G                          D7                              G                       D7   G 
 She looked at me, her eyes a-twinkling  her cheeks a lovely rosy  hue.

 G                               Em          G                     C
 Keep your hands off red Mary she and I will soon be wed
          G                            Em                     G                           D7           G 
 We'll see the priest this very morning tonight we'll lie in a marriage bed.


 G                                D7                        G                         C       
 When we reached the town of Dingle I took her hand to say good-bye
    G                         D7                          G                              D7       G
 A tinker, he walked up beside me and punched me hard in my left eye.

 G                              D7                      G                          C   
 I was feeling kind of peevish and my poor old eye was sad and sore

   G                                          D7               G                       D7          G
 I tapped him gently with my hobnail, and he flew back to Murphy's door

 G                               D7               G                  C                    
 He ran off to find his brother the biggest man I ever did see

      G                                        D7                 G                  D7           G  
 He tapped me gently with his knuckles and I was minus two front teeth

 G                                       D7               
 And then the police came round the corner

 G                             C
 He said, "Son you  broke the law."

                 G                                     D7
 When my donkey kicked him in the kneecaps

 G                         D7           G
 He fell down and broke his jaw. CHORUS

        G                                   D7
 The red-haired maiden just stood there smiling

     G                                 C  
 I'll come with you, young man, she said.

         G                              D7
 We'll skip the priest this very morning

     G                       D7            G                
 Tonight we'll lie in Murphy's shed   CHORUS