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Take Me Up To Monto


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This is an interesting Irish song. So take her up to Monto Langeroo

Take Me Up To Monto

G                        Em      G                     Em  
  If you've got a wingo take her up to Ring o
G                            Em       D7      G
 Where the waxies sing -o all the day

               G                      Em            G                   Em
 If you've had your fill of porter and can't go any further

 G                            Em      D                 G
 Give your man the order "Back to the quay"
 G                       Em      G         Em                 
 Take her up to Monto Monto Monto

 G                        Em      D            G                         D   G
 Take her up to Monto Lang-er-roo (clap - clap) to  you

G                               Em                    G              Em
 You've heard of the Duke of Gloucester, the dirty old imposter
     G                     Em         D                 G
 He got a mot and lost her up the furry glen

      G                     Em               G                        Em
 He first put on his bowler and buttoned up his trousers

       G                    Em             D              G
 He whistled for a growler he said " My man"...  CHORUS(Take me up)
                                     SOLO then sing CHORUS
G                              Em         G               Em
 You've heard of the Dublin fusileers dirty old baboozileers

          G                          Em         D                G
 They went and got the childer - one - two - three

       G                           Em                     G                     Em
 Oh marching from the linen hall there's one for every cannonball

        G                    Em                 D            G
 And Vic's going to send them all over the sea... CHORUS