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Irish Lyrics And Chords

The Bard Of Armagh
(Irish song with lyrics and chords)

G   D7            Em         D7        
O  List to the tale of a poor Irish harper
       G                     D7               Em                   Am
And scorn not the strings in his old weathered hand
D7      G                     D7                 Em                      Bm
But remember those fingers could once move more sharper
D7  Em            D7                          C      D7  G
To  waken the echoes of his dear na - tive land

G        D7             Em               D7        
How I long for to muse on the days of my boyhood,
             G                     D7                        Em                Am
Though four score and three years have fled by since then;
D7     G                       D7               Em                      Bm
Still it gives sweet  reflections, as every young joy should,
D7   Em                    D7                    C          D7  G
That merry-hearted boys make  the best of old men.

G  D7             Em               D7     
At wake or at fair  I would twirl my shillelah,
G                                D7                        Em                Am
And trip through the jig in my brogues bound with straw;
D7   G                    D7                         Em                    Bm
And all the pretty  maidens  from the village and the valley,
D7            Em               D7            C          D7   G
Loved the bold Phelim Brady, the Bard of Ar - magh.

G     D7                     Em               D7 
And when Sergeant Death in his cold arms shall  embrace me,
G                D7                          Em       Am
O lull me to sleep  with sweet Erin go bragh;
D7       G              D7                 Em                    Bm
By the side of my Kathleen, my own love, then place me,
D7        Em            D7            C            D7  G
And forget Phelim Brady, the Bard of  Ar - magh.

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